Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, about 24 hours after I was removed, I was reinstated.

I can't even tell you how awesome that was. I literally screamed and blasted Eminem.

"Guess whos back? Back again. . .Lynnie's back    . . . . .tell a friend...."

Yes, I was that happy.

I got conflicting answers from facebook, totally not confused by it to be honest. Although, I SHOULD be.

At 6pm I received this email:

Hi Lynn,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Your account was disabled in error. Your account has been reactivated and you will now be able to log in.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

I was BOUNCING off the walls. I signed into facbook and I was hit with this:

One of Your Photos Was Removed

One of your photos was recently removed because it was found to violate Facebook policies. As a reminder, the following types of photos are not permitted:

* Content that is pornographic or contains nudity, or is inappropriately sexual
* Attacks on an individual or a group of people
* Depictions of self harm, excessive violence or drug use

Please keep this in mind before uploading new photos.
[ ] I understand I should not upload photos that violate Facebook’s policies.

I tried to access my account without clicking that, but I couldn't. So I bit the bullet and checked it. Here's the thing. I didn't VIOLATE anything. I posted a photo of me where I can HARDLY be seen. 

So I sat and thought about it, I mean,, I'm happy to be back.  But what about those women who fear this on a daily basis. What about them? This isn't fair. Not at all. 

A friend of mine mention that a class action suit or something would get them to listen. But I don't even know where to begin. How to go about doing that. Anything! 

I guess what I'm saying is, I want to DO something, but quite honestly I'm not sure what I can do. I know there are women who are back after being deleted. I know there are women out there that have NEVER been back. . . ..

And facebook, while they may or may not be directly responsible for this, is encouraging this behavior. 

Lets look at what logically could be happening here.

Option 1:
There are a group of people (or a singular person) organizing this . . . .attack on nursing mothers and peaceful parents. Someone in this group gets a hold of a photo, sends it around to be flagged in a matter of hours that person would be flagged and banned for multiple reports. 

Facebook gets those multiple reports and without reviewing the ip's or the offensive picture/person/saying they ban the person who the reports are against. 

There is ONE person on everyones friends list who reports ONE thing. 

Facebook gets that ONE report and someone sees it. That person thinks breastfeeding is obscene and they remove the person for violating the tos. 

Option 3: 
There is a bot that goes around looking for photos with certain tag words. Those bots just remove photos and people without prejudice. 

Option 4: 
We all took the red pill, it doesn't matter. 

In all the options, facebook is encouraging this behavior.. . .. well with the exception of the red pill, we made that decision . . .or the Wachowski Brothers made it for us. 

What was my point? OH! Right. Facebook is reinforcing the behavior of these people (because I really think what is happening is more of a collective effort by some very unhappy people) by doing what they want. 

What's the saying? "Give a mouse a piece of cookie and they'll ask for some milk?"

What facebook needs to do is stick to it's policy. As long as there is no nipple showing it's fine. I honestly don't care that there are pictures of women on facebook scantily clad. What bothers me is that nursing women are held to a different standard then those photos. 

If those scantily clad women are following the photo guidelines, I'm fine with it. But don't hold me and other nursing mothers to a different standard. 

That's what pisses me off. 

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