Friday, August 19, 2011

The Power Of Nature

So I've been doing the holistic approach hard core on Liam for four days now. He gets up in the morning and has his probiotic smoothie (apples, spinach, kale, grapes, bunch of great stuff) and breakfast then I oil him down with coconut oil! He gets the coconut oil- oiling three times a day and every other day he gets a bath in this soap.  His rash is almost gone.

Let me say that again. ALMOST GONE. Go me. Well, and the person who suggested this course of action (you rock btw!!)

What else is going on? Not much. We're going to our first ever nurse in tomorrow, that apparently I'm organizing, but I've had like no support with it. So. . .yeah.

I have no idea what to do at these things!

Such is life.


  1. Just nurse, Liam knows what to do ;)

  2. So glad you're standing your ground and using Dr. Bronner's on him. Way to go ap mom!