Thursday, August 18, 2011


So Liam has had a rash for two months now. Our Pediatrician can't diagnose it, every pediatrician in the practice can't diagnose it. Our Pediatrician wrote us a script for an antibiotic just because it was on going and I guess she was throwing something at it to see if it helped. She completely understood that we didn't want to do it and wrote a paper script and said 'I'd LIKE you to do this. . .but I know you don't want to. It's up to you' and sent us to a dermatologist.  Lou and I agreed that after the Derm appointment we'd reevaluate the script.

Monday we had the appointment to go to Derm. I was apprehensive. They sent out a packet for us to fill out. Standard forms, then there were question-ares.

"Are you interested in botox?"
"Are you embarrassed about your wrinkles?"
"Would you like to learn about electrolysis and chemical peals?"

I was like. . .are you fucking kidding me?!

I let it go, against better judgement, and we went to the appointment. The Doctor was horrible. He was clearly not good with children. He didn't even know HOW to talk to my son. It infuriated me. He wanted to do a biopsy on him, right then and there, and I asked why. "well I think it's X"

"Is that bad?"
"Well, no. . ."
"Is it treatable?"
"It normally clears up on it's own. . ."
"So, why do you want to put my son in pain?"

He then got loud with me, raised his voice. He yelled at my son THREE times. . .I could go on. I'm not giving this man more of my time, but he was a HORRIBLE doctor. HORRIBLE.

We then went across the hall to our Pediatrician. I get one of the nurses and I fill her in. She agreed with us that they, across the hall, are horrible with kids and we probably shouldn't of gone there. She gave us a number to a pediatric dermatologist and I've made an appointment with them.

We, my husband and I, tried to tell the Horrible Doctor that we were trying to treat Liam's rash holistically with probiotics and tea tree oil and coconut oil. He looked at me like I was insane and said "I'm a scientist. I deal in fact, not voodoo. You have to prove it to me that it works."

. . . .

*gets out voodoo doll*


  1. Ugg, how frustrating. He obviously don't understand the meaning of science in relation to the human condition. Doctors like that are an embarrassment to human race. Doc's need people skills and empathy, he has neither.