Monday, May 23, 2011

Pissed Off

One of the things about me you should know: When I get pissed off enough, I let EVERYONE know about it. I guess it goes back to my upbringing where I was taught I should worry more about others feelings. I should make sure they are comfortable or cared for before myself.

Well, fuck that.

I have been chewed out for the last time. I believe in human rights. I believe that babies shouldn't be circumcised. I believe the owner of said body part should have a say. I do NOT believe that religion should dictate this. I believe every baby has the right to breastmilk. I believe that the CHILD should choose when to wean. It is not my choice. I believe that GLBT people deserve equal rights. To be able to marry, have children. I believe that we all should have free EVIDENCE BASED healthcare.

That being said, I have alienated myself from some of my family and friends. They think my 'extreme' views are wrong. They think that I'm 'overboard' or that I should 'get over it.'

They don't want to be part of my life if this is my life.

While I hate saying this. . . .if you feel that way, go. I'm not here to beg you to stay. We can agree to disagree, that I can agree on. But don't think I'm going to be okay with people thinking I'm a loon behind my back.

My mother is still telling me about how 'inapropriate' it was for me to breastfeed my son at his first birthday party. He was over stimulated and wild. He was hungry. And he wanted me. But it's wrong.

I'm over it! I'm over having to put up with jokes. I'm over having to defend myself. I'm over all of it.

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